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Natural Lens Replacement, also known as Crystalens, is an FDA procedure where the patient’s lens is removed and replaced with a clear plastic lens that allows him or her to focus more accurately. Crystalens works like the eye’s natural lens to allow patients to see images seamlessly that are near (inside 16 inches), intermediate (between 16 and 36 inches) and distant (36 inches and beyond) without glasses. Usually, the eye is adjusted to see more clearly at distance, though the eye can be adjusted to see at near if desired. Each of these lenses has limitations, including halos and limited near or midrange vision.

Crystalens surgery is much like cataract surgery, except that an accommodating lens is implanted. Patients who choose the have Crystalens will have the added benefit of avoiding cataracts in the future since the lens is removed and replaced.

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Advantages of Crystalens

  • Can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses
  • The removal of the eye's natural, aging lens will avoid any future need for cataract surgery
  • Crystalens is designed to provide patients with good distance, intermediate and near vision

Crystalens is well-suited for

  • Patients over age 40
  • Patients who are too farsighted for LASIK
  • Patients with presbyopia

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