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Individualized Laser Vision Correction

CustomVue™ is the trade name for a wavefront-guided vision correction system manufactured by VISX, Inc. In May, 2005, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. acquired VISX and has since been merging its own technologies with those of VISX. For many years VISX was a world leader in LASIK vision correction, and the manufacturer of the STAR S4™ system using WaveScan® Technology, the WavePrint® Map, and Iris Registration

The Technology Behind the Procedure

1. WaveScan® Technology
WaveScan™ is a trade name for wavefront-guided LASIK. The first LASIK surgeries in the mid 1990s were done based on phoropter diagnosis. The phoropter is the standard device that eye doctors use to determine your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. You sit gazing through the aperture at a digital eye chart, while your doctor switches from one lens to another, asking which one gives you better clarity.

WaveScan™ technology has been groundbreaking because it diagnoses your eye’s refractive error far more precisely than a phoropter does. While you sit and look through the aperture at a red light, it briefly sends a light beam into your eye and receives the same light reflected back from your eye. On the return journey, the light waves are not traveling in a straight line any more. Instead they have a contoured “wavefront”, meaning that the shape of the front end of those light waves is now matching the shape of your eye.

2. The WavePrint® Map
That light has been modified by the microscopic irregularities in your eye, and it carries this information back to the CustomVue system. The system converts it to a three-dimensional colored map of that eye. Each of your eyes will have its own unique map.

Your eye doctor will study those maps and determine where and how deeply to remove tiny, unwanted pieces of corneal tissue. This will be your “wavefront-guided” treatment plan. That is, the treating laser will be guided by this information about your eyes. That makes your vision correction treatment unique to you, like your DNA and fingerprints.

3.Iris Registration
In planning your treatment, your eye doctor designates a treatment area on the cornea. The laser must target this area with microscopic precision, not straying outside of it. But diagnosis is done while people are sitting up, whereas treatment is done while you are lying down.

In that change of position, the eyes move, so that when your treatment day arrives and you lie on the patient bed, your eyes are in a slightly different position than they were during your diagnosis. To compensate for that, VISX developed Iris Registration, which is an added piece of hardware that keeps the laser targeted correctly.

Your eyes may also move slightly while treatment is in progress, but Iris Registration will catch that and adjust the laser accordingly. This increases both the safety and accuracy of your LASIK procedure.

The Steps of Laser Vision Correction

The CustomVue™ LASIK process begins with a consultation to inform you about the technology and the procedure. Once you agree to have the procedure, orderly steps follow:

  • An evaluation to assess your overall eye health and to measure and create a detailed and unique WavePrint® map of your eyes.
  • On the day of the procedure, transferrence of your diagnostic information to the Visx STAR S4™ Laser.
  • Gentle reshaping of the cornea with the cool, ultraviolet beam from the excimer laser. It removes tissue thinner than a human hair to create a new curvature. The procedure typically takes only a few seconds and most people feel no discomfort.
  • Immediately noticeable vision improvement.

At first your vision may be a little blurry, until your eyes settle down after treatment. You will probably want to take a long nap for the rest of the day. Your vision will continue to improve over several days or weeks. Routine follow-up visits complete the process.

Proven Benefits of CustomVue

  • Improved overall quality of vision
  • Improved night vision
  • The smallest and fastest laser beam for precision and overall improved health of the cornea
  • Accuracy 25 times more precise than the traditional method of diagnosis and treatment
  • Completely customized LASIK
  • 20/20 vision or better, achieved by 98% of treated eyes, according to national statistics

What Does "Better than 20/20" Mean?

20/20 is the standard for excellence in vision. After a CustomVue procedure, individuals have the potential to see even better than 20/20. In fact, six months after the CustomVue procedure more than 74% percent of clinical study participants saw 20/16 or better.

For your personal best vision, why not set up a CustomVue consultation today and learn more about just how well you could see.

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