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Monday, June 27, 2005

Tony Celebrities Get LASIK

The celebrities that presented the recent Tony awards were offered a unique gift package for their services to the Tony awards. As expected, they were offered diamonds and vacations to exotic resorts. There was another gift, however, that was a little less predictable. The celebrity presenters were offered free Wavefront Guided LASIK surgery for both eyes. This item in the gift package shows how far LASIK technology has progressed. Just a few years ago, LASIK was cutting edge technology. Now it has advanced so far that it is offered as a thank you gift to celebrities. If you still wear glasses or contacts there is no reason that you should keep putting off talking to a LASIK eye surgeon. If it is good enough to be a thank you gift for celebrities, then LASIK is certainly good enough to correct your eyes. To find a high-quality LASIK surgeon in your area visit The LASIK Directory.


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