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The most important decision you’ll make when deciding to have an eye surgery, like LASIK, is choosing the eye surgeon who will perform your procedure. It’s imperative that you select someone with the necessary experience to ensure the best possible outcome, someone with the experience to correct any problems should there be a mishap and someone that you feel good about trusting your eyes to. So how do you go about finding the right eye surgeon for you?

There are many places to search for an eye surgeon and a good place to start is by gathering information from the Internet. Explore your favorite search engines for eye surgeons or LASIK providers in your immediate area. There are several eye surgeon directory sites that list the local eye surgeons in an area by city including the LASIK directory. Some even come with recommendations from past patients. You can read through their websites for more detailed information on the procedure that interests you, request information via email or even schedule a free consultation to see if you “click” with the eye surgeon and his staff.

Another great resource for information on finding an eye surgeon near you is your current eye doctor. Whether your current doctor is an optometrist or an ophthalmologist who does not perform laser vision correction, he or she will be able to tell you which local eye surgeons have a good reputation in their communities. Chances are your current eye doctor has seen many vision correction patients post-operatively and can tell you which doctors in town are producing the best and most consistent results and which ones other patients highly regard.

One more option for finding a local eye surgeon with a good reputation and great results is to talk to your friends, co-workers or neighbors that have had LASIK or another vision correction procedure and are happy with their results. You will probably find that just two or three local eye surgeons rise to the top in your conversations and those are the ones you should put on your “short list” for research.

Because laser vision correction, like any type of eye surgery, is a delicate procedure and requires preciseness, the eye surgeon you select is of utmost importance to the outcome of your procedure. It’s paramount that you feel good about your selection as you go through pre-operative testing, your surgery and beyond. Take the time to schedule consultations with the top two or three recommended surgeons and see which one is the best fit for you and your needs. Your eyes are unique and you may find that one eye surgeon over all the others seems to exactly fit what you need and are expecting from your vision correction procedure.

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