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Custom Cornea - LADARVision

CustomCornea® is a new kind of LASIK procedure that is revolutionizing the way LASIK is performed. Now, with the introduction of the LADARVision® 4000 Laser with CustomCornea®, it's possible to correct an even wider range of visual problems. CustomCornea® uses the latest technology to read your optical system and transfer your unique eye information to the laser. With CustomCornea®, you get a LASIK procedure that is completely custom in every sense of the word. Plain and simple – this means better vision for LASIK patients.

If you decide to choose to have LADARVision® CustomCornea® LASIK, you'll have the comfort of knowing that this procedure is approved for the widest possible range of problems from myopia to hyperopia, with or without astigmatism, and is approved to correct mixed astigmatism. CustomCornea® is also the first to be FDA approved for the treatment of higher order aberrations that can affect the quality of your vision. Contact a LADARVision surgeon today for your free CustomCornea® consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for this amazing vision procedure.

The LADARVision® 4000 Laser

The LADARVision® 4000 Laser is the most accurate and precise laser offered by LADARVision®. The LADARVision 4000 is considered by many to be the supreme laser because of its ability to customize your procedure and its incredibly intricate and precise laser beam. This type of beam provides the surgeon with the ability to place laser pulses precisely where they are needed to provide you with a completely customized CustomCornea® procedure.

The technological features offered by the LADARVision® CustomCornea® procedure include WaveFront Guided Technology and the Eye Tracking Device.

The Technology Behind The LADARVision Procedure

With WaveFront Guided Technology, no two eyes are alike. The LADARWave™ WaveFront device captures the unique characteristics of each of your eyes and allows your doctor to completely customize your laser vision correction procedure. The WaveFront device creates a "map" of your eyes that goes beyond traditional vision testing, called the WaveFront Map. With the WaveFront Map, your surgeon can create a detailed understanding of your vision correction needs for the development of your personalized laser vision plan. The final result is a treatment as unique as your DNA or a fingerprint.

The Eye Tracking Device: One of the challenges in LASIK is that your eyes are never perfectly still. One of the most important differences in our LADARVision® CustomCornea® procedure is the system's eye tracking device, researched and developed using NASA technology. The LADARVision® tracking device follows your eye every second of the procedure, so the surgeon knows exactly where the cornea will be at all times - leaving no margin for error. Because of the use of this patented eye tracking device, you can be confident that the laser beam is being applied to precisely the right spot, and that your cornea is being reshaped with extreme accuracy. The end result is a better LASIK outcome and a happier patient.

Taking the Mystery out of Laser Vision Correction

The CustomCornea® LASIK process begins with a consultation to inform you about the technology and the procedure. An evaluation follows to assess your overall health and to measure and create a detailed and unique WaveFront map of your eyes. Your unique correction information is transferred from the LADARWave™ WaveFront device to the LADARVision® 4000 Laser. LASIK works by gently reshaping the cornea with the cool beam from the laser to remove microscopic amounts of tissue—less than the thickness of a human hair in most cases—to create a new curvature. The procedure typically takes several seconds and the majority of patients feel no discomfort. Many notice immediate results after CustomCornea® and vision continues to improve over several days. Routine follow-up visits complete the process. Try consulting a knowledgeable LASIK surgeon like Dr. Khanna of Los Angeles, CA.

How CustomCornea® Works

Capture- In this first step, the LADARWave™ WaveFront device is used to capture your eyes' unique combination of higher and lower aberrations. The device creates a map of each eye by shining an eye-safe beam of laser light into the eye and measuring the reflected light waves as they pass through your visual system and exit the eye.

Match - In this second stage, a WaveFront map for each eye is input to the laser system, and converted to a guide for the laser. When both patient and doctor are ready for surgery to begin, the map is computer-matched with the eye's exact position so the treatment is extremely precise. Since each eye has its own unique WaveFront map, treatment with CustomCornea® is truly customized.

Treat - In this third step, the cornea is precisely reshaped using the LADARVision® 4000 excimer laser, guided the data from the WaveFront map. The treatment is designed to correct your unique profile of both lower and higher order aberrations at the same time.

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