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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Will Insurance Pay for Laser Eye Surgery?

Will insurance pay for laser eye surgery? The answer to that question used to be a definite no. But, luckily for many prospective eye surgery patients, that no is turning into a yes. Because most insurance companies do not consider laser eye surgery "necessary", it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic procedures are normally not covered by insurance companies. For certain patients, however, LASIK is now considered necessary. Patients who can't wear contacts because of dry eyes and who can't wear glasses because they may pose a hazard in their jobs (such as firemen, policemen, and sports players) are now being offered insurance coverage for their LASIK procedure. While this new coverage applies to only a small number of people now, it is an important step towards insurance companies covering laser eye surgery procedures for everyone who needs to improve their vision. If you think your insurance might pay for your LASIK eye surgery, what are you waiting for?? Contact a qualified laser eye surgery center like the 20/20 Institute or Levinson Eye Clinic in Denver, Colorado. To find a qualified eye surgeon near you, visit the LASIK Directory.


Anonymous Webmaster said...

Has any consideration been made with the recent discussions around changes to American health care how it will affect services such as Laser Eye Surgery?

This important area of health care is important to the aging population and needs more discussion.

5:52 AM  

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